How to Set-up a Good Email Campaign

Everybody is sending emails these days, and it has become the most quick and efficient method of communication in the world. Most people are doing it just to stay in touch with family and friends; others, however, are emailing in order to support a business or project, online or not. If you fall into the latter group, then you want to make sure that you are running your email campaign properly; unfortunately, a lot of business owners haven’t been able to to do just that. A sloppy email marketing strategy will undermine, not advance, a business’s online and offline activity, and therefore must be avoided at all cost. The tricks of the trade, fortunately, are not very difficult to learn, and crafting an intelligent, professional email marketing strategy is something within the grasp of both business owners large and small.

The start of any good email marketing plan consists of research: you need to discover not only the email marketing software that could facilitate your endeavor, but also where you’ll garner your contacts list from and-most importantly-how and with what you will put together your content. Each of these three objectives deserves the most earnest effort in order to establish a good foundation for your email campaign.

As far as software is concerned, make sure you are able to track your campaign’s efficiency. This means using web bugs and checking click-through rates, and depending on what sort of a SEO strategy your business has (if it has one at all), testing responsiveness to certain keywords. Each niche has its own peculiarities, so make sure to consult with an expert in your particular field.

Regarding contacts lists, it is important to have some scruples and stay within the law. After all, unsolicited mail is the definition of spam, and there are penalties for acquiring personal data from unauthorized sources; consult the CAN-SPAM Act passed by the U.S. Congress in 2003 for further information. The limitations are, on the other hand, fairly lax-as they are with the entire internet realm-and with a good eye toward the right audience, it isn’t too hard to find an interest in your emails. The key here, of course, is your ability to locate and identify your target audience.

Lastly, in terms of the content of your email campaign, make sure to take stock of your own writing skills, and if they are not of a higher degree, make sure to contract the able of hand of someone who is a good writer. Few things will turn off an educated audience-and that is what you must always assume your audience is-like poor penmanship. Once you’ve got that base covered, you have to consider what exactly the topic is and how best to represent it. Here SEO strategies again can play a big part, and if your business is not yet putting together a SEO plan, then it’s time to seriously consider doing so…the alternative is being left behind by the competition. Also, remember to catch the consumer or subscriber’s eye in the email subject line as well as the first sentence of the email. These two parts of the email are the hook with which you must catch willing clients, customers, members, or readers.

From here, you may proceed knowing that you have properly founded your emailing methodology. What follows should be perseverance, adaptation to the market, and sufficient savvy to correlate your sales results and marketing strategy.