Integrating Email and Internet Marketing With Mobile Marketing

We all know how important it is to build a good marketing list. When email first arrived people couldn’t wait to open it. Remember that “You’ve Got Mail” sound or the email “chime” letting you know you had a new message? Eager with anticipation, you’d rush to your computer and open your inbox…only to see another message about “Viagra.”

That’s when it began; dummy email addresses-downright fake ones– I admit I used [email protected] on many occasions, just so I could get the information. Then came spam filters and junk email folders. All designed to impede your ability to deliver content to your clients and generate new ones.

What is a marketer to do you ask? How can I reach my core clients through the haze of a cluttered inbox? The answer now is mobile. Mobile text messages have a 100% open rate!

We all know that 80% of our business comes from 20% of our customer base. Mobile text marketing can help you to identify that 20%. If a client opts-in to receiving your text alerts, they are probably in your core audience. Others who opt in are new leads that are looking to become part of the top 20%. Mobile can integrate with your email marketing efforts, targeting that top 20% and increasing your ROI.

When someone gives you their cell phone number to sign up for their updates, etc. they are asking for you to communicate with them. Text messages are usually reserved for quick, personal communication. If your clients choose to have you communicate with them via text, they are inviting you into their “inner circle.” Not to mention that since many people don’t have an unlimited text plan, they are actually willing to pay for your information. That is how important it is for them to be on your list.

The operative word, however, is “choose.” Text message marketing is 100% opt-in. Spammers beware: if you send spam text messages you not only violate the Mobile Marketing Association’s best practices, but you could be subjected to lawsuits and massive fines. The US congress is entertaining legislation as of this writing to prevent and punish cell phone spam.

There are many text vendors already established and, with the explosion of mobile text marketing in the U.S., many more to follow. For email and internet marketers it is important that you are specific in your needs when interviewing potential vendors. The vendor should have the ability to seamlessly integrate into your existing email marketing campaign, eliminating the need for you to re-opt-in clients. Web page sign up boxes and advanced scheduling features, much like your email autoresponder, would be the best bet. Each vendor has its own niche where they excel. Another important thing to ask is their policy on opt-in. Most vendors, because of the huge expense, place many clients on one short code. If the vendor allows uploads of cell phone numbers via lists, they may be encouraging spammers. If too many complaints are lodged with the carriers, they can shut down the entire code and your ability to communicate with your clients.