Can’t Hardly Wait: Three Things You Can Expect From Smart Devices in 2012

Dessert comes after the meal and trophies given after a victory. That is unless you manufacture smart devices-in which case dessert is usually the main course. During the first few months every year, hundreds of technology companies come together at two of the most important conferences in the industry. These get-togethers influence whether you see or don’t see certain smartphones, tablets, computers, apps and accessories in the following months. Fortunately for you, this article is going to let you have your cake and eat it, too, by discussing hot topics from the recent Consumer Electronics Show, the Mobile World Congress conference and beyond.

As you read this, companies around the world are working on the next great mobile technology. Like a kid on Christmas Eve, they just can’t wait to unveil those new toys to you. These mega conferences allow them their first opportunity to pique public interest and gauge marketability. So, what can you expect from the land of wireless wonder in 2012?

The Quad Core Invasion

Like ketchup slowly moving through a bottle, quad cores are eventually going to come out-And sooner rather than later. Most devices these days contain Dual/Duo core processors. They’re fast and capable machines, but as people begin to do more multi-tasking with system-hogging applications, like using Skype while checking email and rocking out on Pandora, the technology begins to feel slow and dated.

Now imagine having another set of arms to help out. Quad-core chips have 4 processor cores in them, compared to the 2 in a Dual/Duo core. The theory is that if you have multiple cores, you can split up the work between them so they’ll run more quickly and efficiently. Going from two to four cores will improve the overall experience when using the device, as well as improve graphics performance and help devices harness the power of 4G networks.

ADVICE: If you’re like us and have phone ADD, a quad core device will keep you entertained. But don’t get too excited. While quad core phones may appear within the next few months,the jury is still out on how this additional horsepower is going to impact battery life.

HD Comes To A Screen Near You

Larger screen sizes were one of the big smartphone trends in 2011. So after giving your eyes more real estate to explore, the next logical step is to improve that view-meaning higher resolution is a likely candidate. Higher-resolution screens will be a huge point of emphasis for upcoming mobile devices, but manufacturers are also working to provide better viewing angles, enhanced color quality and lower power consumption.

Some devices are already beginning to set their resolution to 1280-by-720 pixels, which is an incredible handheld experience and pushes your phone further toward content consumption supremacy. Soon, you won’t be able to tell the difference between an HD movie played on your home theatre and one played on your palm entertainment center.

ADVICE: Last year the first 1280-by-720-pixel phone screens appeared, but we expect that resolution to become the new standard for high-end phones in 2012. If you watch a lot of video and frequently surf the web, make sure your next device has that resolution. Your eyes will thank us.

4G is Set Loose Nationwide

2011 was an experiment for 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution), which offers dramatic speed increases over mainstream 3G networks. Today, all smartphones with LTE are based on Google’s Android. But that will change over the next 12 months, driven by Verizon and AT&T. When it comes to the big three carriers, Verizon adopted the technology early in 2011, AT&T is just now hitting the gas and Sprint is beginning its rollout soon. So 4G in its several forms should become standard among high-end smartphones at some point in 2012.

ADVICE: As amazing as 4G LTE will be once it’s the standard, it’s not worth specifically upgrading for it at present. Check your carrier’s coverage maps. If 4G LTE isn’t in your area yet, don’t bother getting a device with the feature unless the coverage is coming very soon and they have a set date. Otherwise you’ll be paying extra for a service you can’t use yet. As with most things mobile, current 4G configurations are murder on battery life but this is slowly changing.

OUTLOOK: The best time to buy a new device is usually in December, when prices come down, carriers are willing to make deals and many of the bugs have been worked out. But until then…Apple’s iPhone 5 may debut this summer, possibly June…Samsung’s Galaxy S3 series may be released between now and the summer…And Nokia’s Lumia 900 may make a big splash, as it was named “Best Smartphone” at the Consumers Electronics Show.

How to Write Hot-Button Sales Copy in the Coming Recession of 2012

There are, as you may have heard, 13 human motivators, or “hot buttons” that inevitably drive sales.

Employ any one, or two of them, in your marketing campaigns, with a deft and artistic touch, and you’ll easily deliver your customers to the precipice – the point at which he or she is presented with an all-important and consequential decision:

To buy… or not to buy.

Yet, use more than one, or at the most two hot button motivators in a single marketing campaign… and more than likely, you’ll lose the sale.

Just as a sentence should contain only one thought, lest in confuse and distract the reader, a sales promotion should appeal to one dominant motivator at a time.

So which one, or two motivators will work best in the coming recession of 2012?

First, let’s identify these 13 motivators.

In no particular order, they are:

1. Fear

Fear of lost opportunities, or the loss of a possession. (Plus, millions of people just love it when they’re scared – why else Stephen King and Final Destination 5?)

2. Greed

The coveting of more… more… and more(And its still never enough)!

3. Vanity

Mirror, mirror on the wall… (Indeed, why mirrors at all)?

4. Lust

Sex sells. Dare to deny it.

5. Envy or Jealousy

It all began when we were little mini-me’s, and we pulled on mommy’s skirt and screamed: “I WANT ONE, TOO!”

6. Pride

Who doesn’t want to be valued and feel important… (And drive a BMW)?

7. Laziness

Why stand when you can sit; why sit when you can lie down; why work when someone else can work for you (otherwise known as outsourcing)?

8. Anger

You’ve been robbed! You’ve been cheated! And now you want REVENGE!

9. Strength

C’mon, do you know anyone who really wants to be weak?

10. Charity

The pleasure is in the giving (so they say).

11. Hope

Why else do we suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune (Shakespeare). Because… after all, tomorrow is another day (Gone with the Wind).

12. Prejudice

We all have one or two. Because in some perverse way, it makes us feel better about our miserable, guilt-ridden selves.

13. Justice

The politically correct, socially acceptable and legal equivalent of revenge.

Ok, so which hot buttons work best in a recession?

Hold on, not so fast.

Along with these 13 motivators, we humans are also prey to 12 universal desires.

Indeed, at one time or another, regardless of our sex, age, race, political persuasion, or whether we watch CNN or FOX, we are all subject to these 12 desires – and some of us are subject to all of them all at the same time!

Again, a warning: Pander to more than one or two and you will muddle your marketing message.

Okay, these 12 desires are, in no particular order (and they need no explanation):

1. Money

2. Good looks

3. Comfort

4. Time

5. Praise

6. Popularity

7. Leisure

8. Self-confidence

9. Enjoyment or pleasure

10. Success

11. Health

12. Security in our old age

Now, which of these 12 desires appeal most strongly to consumers during a recession – when money is tight, the future is murky and an overall sense of anxiety and dread causes many a sleepless, frightful night?

Hmn. Well, truthfully, from where I stand, a recession won’t stop, inhibit or negate any of them!

They all belong to the basic human emotional and visceral food groups, regardless of whether Bernanke institutes QE3, or not.

Because they function in all climates – and in all economies – indeed, they will survive and thrive in the best of times and the worst of times (Dickens, sorta).


Great News!

If your product or service can successfully satisfy any of these 12 desires, your promotion could be squarely on the road to making you oodles of money – if you can combine it with a hot-button recession-proof motivator!

Important Caveat: The desire you choose to arouse and satisfy must berelevant to your product.

For example, if you sell car parts, security in old age or good looks might not be the best two desires to leverage.

But, if you sell pimple cream… good looks certainly works, as would popularity, praise, self-confidence, and, a case could even be made for health (after all, if you look good, you feel good).

Okay, now on to…

The motivators you should absolutely use in a recession…

Well, FEAR certainly works – but use it sparingly. For example, use it in the lead, to get the readers attention. After all, you don’t want to drone on and on about how terrible things are – they get enough of that watching the nightly news on TV.

What they really want, therefore, is HOPE!

Okay, so now we’ve got two motivators that go hand-in-hand: FEAR and HOPE.

Anything else?


For example, your prospect grumbles to himself: “Gezus! How can Harry next door still take annual Hawaii vacations, when I can’t even afford to fill my gas tank?”

So, here comes your product to the rescue, allowing him to act like neighbor Harry, thereby restoring his PRIDE (and presumably filling his empty wallet and gas tank).

LUST, now that’s clearly a motivator for all seasons. Nothing will stop carnal desire, not rain, nor hail, not even old age (as long as your product has the horse power of a little blue pill).

GREED, on the other hand, wouldn’t work.

The average consumer isn’t looking for more – he’s looking to hold on to and protect what he’s got.

And for that same reason, CHARITY isn’t a big motivator in tough economic times either, unless…

Your customers are rich and philanthropic. And if they are, then GREED or CHARITY, and certainly VANITY can be used with wanton abandon!

What about ANGER? Absolutely!

Yes, play into the rage – the loss of privilege and comforts that a recession robs your customers of.

And by all means – pin the blame – join your customers in throwing rocks at the enemy!

Who is the enemy? Those whom your customers may have a PREJUDICE against – Wall Street, Congress, Obama, the Tea Party, your landlord, your boss who denied you a raise, the list could be endless!

After all, your customers want, indeed they demand JUSTICE!

But be smart and sensitive about it. Use good taste. Don’t blame the Jews, the blacks, the Mexicans, the poor, or even your mother-in-law (unless you’re fully capable of cooking and doing your own laundry).

And what about LAZINESS? Silly question – that’s another all season perennial!

For example, there are millions of overweight men and women who would eagerly pop a handful of pills rather than run 5 miles on the treadmill, much less deny themselves the pleasures of chocolate, ice cream and cake.

And if a pill, powder, or chair (which easily folds and stores in a closet), can miraculously turn their pot bellies into a rippling rack of 6-pack abs in 90 days or less – and – give them the STRENGTH to bend steel in their bare hands and leap tall buildings in a single bound (Superman) – it’s a no-brainer!

My, my, my, dear marketer, what have we just discovered here?

There are no one, or two, hot button motivators best suited for a recession!

Depending on who your customers are, what they value, what drives them and what they desire – there are exactly 13 motivators… and 12 desires… to choose from.

In which case… what recession? 2012 is going to be a great year for you!

11 Sure Fire Techniques to get Your Email in My TRASH Folder

With that in mind, here are some highly effective methods to get your email advertisement, that you worked so hard on, sent straight to my trash folder thanks to my awesome filtering software:

With that in mind, here are some highly effective methods to get your advertisement, that you worked so hard on, sent straight to my trash folder thanks to my awesome filter:

  • Your email address looks like gibberish or appears to be coded as in [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] . .I don’t know you – TRASH!
  • Your email address is “from:” email address is blank. You are definitely a spammer. I don’t correspond with anyone who doesn’t have an email address. . .I don’t know you – TRASH!
  • If your email subject contains references to enhancing any anatomical part of my body. . .That’s just plain nasty! – TRASH!
  • Oh by the way, since I’m a male, add female “enhancements” to that list. . .TRASH!
  • I know who I communicate with, so if your subject begins with “Re:”I don’t know you – TRASH!
  • If anywhere in your email, you have the statement that’s similar to “Under Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th U.S. Congress this letter cannot be considered spam…”TRASH! Again, if you have to say it, then it’s spam! Do your research. The bill never passed. Also, last time I checked, U.S. laws don’t apply to other countries.
  • If anywhere in your email, you have a statement that begins with “This email is not spam…”. . .TRASH! If you have to say it, then it’s spam!

    Ok, your ad initially made it pass my “trigger-happy” filter. Good deal, but you’re still not quite there yet. Here’s how to get your ad tossed in the trash after a sneak peak before it makes it into my in box:

  • Your message has nothing to do with the subject of the email.TRASH! That earns you an instant delete without reading! Even if you offer a useful product, the fact that you deceived me gets you nothing.
  • If you send me a multi-part message with few random sentences, but your HTML message is an advertisement. . .TRASH! You tried to trick me. That’s not nice! I absolutely refuse to do business with “sneaky” people.
  • If your email requires me to reply with “remove” to a free email account like yahoo or hotmail to be removed from your list. . .TRASH! Your account has probably already suspended. Or are you simply trying to confirm my email address doesn’t bounce so you can sell it to someone else. See above for my feelings about “sneaky” people. You despise me!
  • If anywhere in your email, you promise that I can earn money with little or no work –TRASH! Don’t insult my intelligence.

    There you have it. 11 sure fire techniques to NOT get your email advertisement read. Use them wisely and best of luck. Learn effective email marketing techniques today! Thank you. I feel better now that I have that off my chest.

Wrestling’s Not Fake, It’s Painfully Real – Controversy Creates Congress

Ask any non wrestling fan about wrestling and without a shadow of doubt they’ll say it’s fake. Ask any wrestling enthusiast or expert about wrestling and they’ll respond with an “It’s fake but…,” umming and arring because they have to once again explain that it’s predetermined, but it hurts.

I’m personally not happy with calling wrestling fake whatsoever. I hate to regurgitate this, but looking at the Benoit tragedy and the death of Eddie Guerrero wrestling isn’t fake, it’s painfully real. Real to the deceased wrestler’s friends, their family and to an accepting portion of wrestling’s followers.

Once upon a time wrestlers were slow paced portly sons of guns that certainly looked like they could knock you the fluf out, could get a crowd screaming with a good series of back and forth solid action, but didn’t look like a jumbo jet. In the 60’s and 70’s it was hard to pick out a wrestler that was cut and had a six pack and if they did they were probably playing a pretty boy who would get put in his place by a legitimate bad ass male.

For a while I’ve been slightly on the defensive with Vince McMahon and his role in a lot of the recent controversy. Can one man really be held responsible for all of wrestling? Surely personal choice has something to do with it. It’s up to the wrestlers if they enhance their performance with drugs right? It’s just bad life decisions.

Then I began to look in to the period when wrestlers began to get bigger looking. Leading the pack was a Mr. Hulk Hogan. In the 80’s the Hulkster was part of a new breed of wrestler that were well in to the 6ft range and a good 300 plus pounds in weight. Maybe they saw something in Hollywood or in the body building boom but guys like Hulk Hogan didn’t want to be bad ass anymore they wanted to be big and good looking cereal box material.

It was grapplers like Hogan that caused promoters to change their booking methods. Many felt that to give the impression of a realistic bout they needed to get similar sized wrestlers to face him.

At this time a Mr. Vince McMahon JR who would later try to start a body building federation was on his world domination spree and saw these big, now money making men, snapped them all up, grabbed some celebrities and created Wrestlemania. Yeah Vince was just being a good business man but there were many times he could and should have realized a change was needed. Sports Entertainment was born but so was scandal and controversy that went dangerously further than the mafia like NWA business deals.

Vince molded celebrity and wrestling together, secured closed circuit television and took PPV to new heights. Wrestling was being watched by everyone but less care was given towards the ideology of the wrestlers themselves, leading the public to believe bigger was better.

It’s at this time that a strong message was sent to Pro Wrestlers. If you want to be in the main event, if you want that magazine cover and if you want to make the serious money you have to be huge, ripped and not necessarily a great worker. So they began to pack on the pounds and to the majority of wrestlers this became second nature and just part of the business.

Along with this new culture came increased work schedules, with touring and house shows. As a Pro Wrestler you were expected to remain in great shape, work every day and then party with the boys at night. There’s only so much of this the human body can take so when getting in the ring began to hurt, pain pills were prescribed. When getting in to bed after partying was hard, downers were introduced. When getting up the next day to make your flight uppers were suggested and to cope with the loneliness and the road recreational and harder drugs were taken. As the years passed so did the style of wrestling. One night you take two bumps, the next night three, the night after that a chair shot, the week after that a suplex on the concrete. You may be bruised, a bit achy, times that be 5-10 years and you can’t walk. Pop a pill and you feel great, the money’s still rolling and you still have a job. 5 more years later and your dead. Heart attack, enlarged heart, overdose, suicide.

The schedule is a big problem and I also believe concussions and constant bumps are also a major problem. Look at UFC those guys get concussed, those guys take legitimate punches and kicks to the head but they don’t die. That’s because the don’t fight every single night.

In the early 90’s Vince McMahon was indicted for giving wrestlers, most publicly Hulk Hogan steroids. He missed a jail sentence and shortly after created a drugs policy. Smaller wrestlers like Shawn Michale’s and Bret Hart were pushed to the top but as the media attention died down the policy was scrapped. Experts claim that WWE had to drop the policy as WCW had a competitive advantage and this is where Vince is not entirely to blame with the way the industry was going. But fast forward to today and history seems to be repeating itself. Only this time WWE has no major competition.

I received an email from somebody calling me an assclown for writing something negative about Ken Kennedy’s recent interview for the Sun newspaper here in the UK. Well I just want to extend on the comments. On numerous occasions, on his website and in his interviews Kennedy has stated that steroids and drugs WERE a problem in the wrestling business but aren’t now, not in his era. Mr Kennedy, your era is the era that Eddie Guerrero died, that Kurt Angle nearly died before handing in his notice, that Benoit killed two innocent people. Your in the era that has Bobby Lashley, John Cena, The great Khali, Batista and Triple H on top, behemoths, freaks of nature. Most of the WWE roster looks more roided up than the generation that is dieing.

If you’re telling me that in just a couple of years the Wellness policy has changed all the problems in wrestling then lets at least wait 5, 10 years down the line before you start plugging its results. How many of your friends will be dead then? 10 more grueling years of the WWE schedule Ken might change your outlook. maybe you hit 40 and you need a few uppers and downers to continue? When Mr Perfect, Rick Rude, Bossman and so on were your age they were probably in the same enthusiastic mind set. And who are you to say the policy is working. You don’t know if some wrestlers have problems, you aren’t with them 24/7. Look at Benoit nobody thought he was the loose cannon he was.

Kennedy is also one of these people that say drugs and steroids are in all walks of life and that’s just something people do. Right this is to the readers, ask your friends, parents or bob next door if in their industries jacked up freaks walk around and a good proportion of them die before the age of 50. Is Jason at the gas station taking steroids on his lunch break? Maybe a little pot or alcohol but he and his buddies at McDonald’s aren’t dieing and astronomically alarming rates.

The fact of the matter is that WWE is biased towards big guys, they seemingly always have been and always will be. When Randy Orton lost his muscle mass Triple H laughed because he couldn’t fill a suit. In a recent WWE Magazine Triple H says “somebody must have put him in the dryer,” referring to Bobby Lashley in a college photo. Triple H is the most influential wrestler in the locker room and if that is his mindset then it must be a good proportion of the other’s as well.

Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero were midgets when they first started in wrestling. It took them until their mid 30’s to make it big and that’s big as in their achievements but also big in terms of muscle mass. If they hadn’t pumped themselves with performance enhancing drugs throughout their careers they may have never been noticed by WCW or WWE, but they did and a few short years after embracing each other at Wrestlemania they’re dead.

When ever WWE decides to push a smaller star they piss their pants and pull the rug out from under them. Take Rey Mysterio probably one of the most exciting smaller guys in wrestling history. The fact that he is so different to most WWE stars makes him that much more unqiue, but even he has bulked up a lot since his early years and was even named in a recent steroid sting. We could have seen some of the freshest matches ever seen, but instead he was jobbed to everybody and then creative wondered why it was a disaster.

Lets get real now. Wrestling is no different from 10 years ago. Big men are still on top, wrestlers are still dieing and smaller guys are still looking for a way to break the glass ceiling. What message is TNA sending their talent when Scott Steiner, Test, Tomko, Angle, Abyss, Sting, Matt Morgan…Are given more TV time than them? The same message WWE has been giving wrestlers for years. God bless congress for looking on to both of these promotions.

It’s not hard to have an off season or cycle wrestlers. Its not hard to give your stars training programs and introduce personal trainers and experts to help gain muscle. Its not hard to push smaller more athletic guys. What’s hard is seeing another wrestler die. Wrestling isn’t fake it’s painfully real.