237 Millionaires in Congress, Why Not You?

Did you know that of the 435 Congresspeople sitting in the House today, more than half of them are millionaires? That’s not really representative of the general population at all, or you’d probably be a millionaire, too. Well… I am a millionaire, and I didn’t get the money by sitting in Congress. I got it from hard work on line… Internet marketing.

Now, I have my own products, but when I first started, I sold other people’s products. I was an affiliate marketer, and if you’re smart, that’s how you’ll start out with your online business, too. I managed to make more than $800,000 in my first year of affiliate marketing, so it’s a very lucrative way to get started. Plus, the product creator does all of the fulfillment and handles the customer service, so it’s a much easier way to start.

If you haven’t begun lead generation efforts, that’s the first step. You need to set up a way to collect people’s names and email addresses, if you don’t already have a list, because that is what will fuel your sales. You need to generate leads, people who you can bond with and who will come to know, like, and trust you — people who will accept the product recommendations you make.

Then, you need to ask those people what they want. Run a survey. Immediately after people opt in to your list, send them to a survey that asks, “What is your biggest question about [your niche].” So, it would be like, “What is your biggest question about gardening?” or “What is your biggest question about dogs training?” or whatever your niche is. Ask people what they need to know.

The next step is to go over to ClickBank and find products that people are looking for. Just go into the Marketplace over there and see what products will solve the issues people told you that they’re having in your niche. Make the product fit what your customers want. If your niche is a little obscure, you can try other places, too, such as Commission Junction.

It’s really important that you know these are quality products, too, because you don’t want to offer products that are no good. When you do that, you lose all the credibility you have built with your list. So, buy the product and try it first.

And that’s pretty much it. Build a list, ask the people on it what they want, and sell it to them. Simple! If you can do that, as your list continues to grow, and you continue to work at your business, you can be a millionaire, too.

But it takes hard work, and being a millionaire isn’t really typical of the average Internet marketer. Most of them are lazy and never make a dime. But there are two sides to the coin. Be sure that you’re on the winning side!