Mobile World Congress – Creating Conversations

The annual Mobile World Congress being held in Barcelona, Spain from February 14-17 brings 50 000 delegates from 200 countries together to tackle industry transformation and development of technology in the future.

It’s hard to believe that only 20 years ago, people were adjusting to the introduction of second generation (2G) mobile phones that used digital instead of analog transmission – and saw the replacement of the old “brick” phones with smaller, lighter hand-held models. Then the choice of mobile phone was more about design, size/weight as regards portability, legibility of characters and ease of use. Today those aspects are used to challenge brand loyalty on a far more sophisticated level as companies compete to meet the ever-increasing demands of the mobile office.

As technology became more advanced, the high connection speeds of third generation (3G) mobile phones encouraged users to sacrifice their slimline phones for slightly bulkier smartphones. Their applications include email, social networking on sites like Facebook and Twitter, browsing the World Wide Web, photo viewing and exchange, and music and video playback. In business, these phones make it possible for people to make more decisions faster wherever they are in the world, whether it’s chasing sales opportunities, providing better service as regards customer communication, or closing deals.

BlackBerry has dominated the 3G market for a long time but the Apple iPhone could be a contender for the top spot. Also consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab, launched to challenge the iPad at a lower price but with a smaller screen, and the Nokia C7 smartphone, introduced to appeal to users who had not used a touchscreen device before.

The fourth generation (4G) phones, which offer bandwidth-intensive applications like streaming media, represent the fastest wireless service available. The technology is only available in certain areas.

10 Simple Things to Do Before Attending the PMI Global Congress

Participating in global project management events is a unique experience in which you will have access to premier project management education and networking opportunities. Whether you are a regular or a first timer, you need to know what to do in preparation for the event. Based on participant feedback from previous congresses, PMI works to enhance the customer experience in the following year’s congresses.

10 simple things you need to do before attending the PMI Global Congress are:

  1. Mark your calendar. Block the congress dates and organize your work and personal schedule to attend the congress
  2. Register. This is required to attend the event. Although on-site registration is available, you may want to take advantage of on-line registration and early-bird rates available months in advance. Once your registration has been processed, a confirmation email with your PIN will be sent to you
  3. Plan your trip. Consider attending pre-sessions on Saturday and Sunday morning and arrange your trip. Check for hotels during the registration process and consider your transportation alternatives. The earlier you book, the better travel deals you get
  4. Verify Travel Requirements. If you are traveling abroad check your visa requirements. In the event you need a visa, request letter of invitation from PMI and submit the travel itinerary and personal information that will be included in the letter. Should you have questions, send your inquiries to [email protected]
  5. Pre-register for Area of Focus sessions. Use the PIN in the registration confirmation email to log-in to the congress website and make your selection. Pre-registration is recommended to secure your seat in high-demand sessions
  6. Check who is attending. The list of delegates and participants attending the congress is available in the Meet Attendees section of the congress website. This gives you the opportunity to contact them in advance and plan to meet them during the congress
  7. Look for congress proceedings. Frequently visit the congress website and look for available presenter profiles, presentations white papers and copies of the presentations. You can check in advance if the content of the presentation will meet your expectations or if you need to change your selection
  8. Look for session cancellation emails. In the event that one of your selected sessions is canceled, PMI will advise you in advance and suggest alternative sessions. Once you have selected the alternative session, visit the congress website and update your selection
  9. Order business cards. Networking with other project professionals is one of the main activities during the event and your business card is your main networking tool, so be prepared and bring enough. Make sure your personal and contact information on your business card is accurate
  10. Pack. The congress dress code is business casual, although some of the attendees wear business outfits. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes; you will be walking from one session room to another and to/from the exhibit hall. Do not forget a hard copy of your registration confirmation email and your business cards

Preparing in advance for the event will help make it even more enjoyable and you will be able to spend more time on congress activities. Get ready for networking, valuable learning experiences with other project management professionals and enjoy the educational sessions.

You are now ready to rock & roll! Bon voyage!

Google’s Android Is the Talk of the Mobile World Congress

AT&T may not be the only company worried about the iPhone soon to be offered by Verizon Wireless cutting into its business. According to the results of a new consumer survey, Google’s Android mobile operating system and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry may also be affected.

United Sample (uSamp) recently surveyed 727 smartphone users and asked them whether or not they would switch to the Verizon iPhone. At 54 percent, more than half respondents that currently own a Verizon Android-based phone or BlackBerry said they would switch.

Overall, 25 percent respondents said they are “very likely” to switch, while 29 percent are “somewhat likely” to abandon their old device for the Verizon iPhone.

Separating Android from BlackBerry, 66 percent of BlackBerry users said they’ll purchase an iPhone on Verizon, while 44 percent of Android users answered similarly.

Current Verizon customers had specific reasons for wanting to purchase an iPhone, with many centered on the device’s “cool” features. Sixty percent want the iPhone for its user interface, 58 percent cited its web browser, 51 percent cited its media capabilities, 43 percent are interested in its memory capacity and 41 percent want its camera.

Current Verizon customers had specific reasons for wanting to purchase an iPhone, with many centered on the device’s “cool” features. Sixty percent want the iPhone for its user interface, 58 percent cited its web browser, 51 percent cited its media capabilities, 43 percent are interested in its memory capacity and 41 percent want its camera.

However, a good chunk of respondents still plan to stick with their Android and BlackBerry devices, about half by uSamp’s count. Of those, 46 percent cited the cost of switching and 34 percent said they prefer their current keyboard to the one offered by the iPhone. Other reasons for remaining with their current phone included email and messaging, maps and GPS and customization and widgets.

And in more bad news for AT&T, the survey revealed that 26 percent of the current AT&T customers polled said they will switch immediately. However, the remaining 74 percent said they would rather wait than switch to Verizon when the iPhone is made available on February 10.

If the pre-order Verizon witnessed for the iPhone is any indication, the device will be a big hit among the company’s customers. Verizon was forced to suspend pre-orders for the device on February 4, one day after they were offered, after what it said was the most successful first-day sales in its history. The company did not disclose how many iPhones it sold during the pre-order period, but the feat is impressive considering many were placed between the hours of 3 and 5 a.m.

List Building Secrets That Even a Newbie Can Learn to Be an Expert

People hear about how successful an online business entrepreneur can be through list building and they wonder, “How difficult is it to build a list?” While it is unquestionably an endeavor that takes time and laser-like focus, a fresh-faced internet marketer does not venture into the fray alone. There is a myriad of tools, strategies and advice (of varying degrees of usefulness) available on the internet, and one can easily get confused by just figuring out how difficult success may be. The information about list building alone could fill the Library of Congress!

But fear not, eager young online entrepreneurs. The bulk of internet marketing success actually boils down to only two vital skills – building a list and driving targeted traffic. Just about all the other “tips and tricks” you will see being trumpeted around are refinements of one of these skills.

This concept is applicable to everyone who ventures into an online business, be it an individual who is involved in niche marketing or working strictly as an affiliate marketer by promoting other people’s products and services. In fact, building a list and driving traffic are even more important to an affiliate marketer because the products, sales pages and sometimes even the bulk of the promotional materials are already provided by the original merchant.

There is a strong symbiosis between building a list and driving traffic. Once you have gone through all the hard work of driving traffic to your squeeze page, your list building begins with your opt-in form. Visitors to your squeeze page will key in their names and email addresses into the opt-in form.

Once this information is received, it will be added onto your list which can then be used to drive further traffic to your websites, blogs, sales pages, affiliate links and other marketing tools to sell your products and services. If list building and traffic driving are both done with efficacy and consistency, these will be your success factors for your online business.